1.- Food groups



Foods can be classified into six major groups:

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  • Grain (such as wheat and rice) and legumes (such as lentil and chickpea).

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Milk and dairy products
  • Milk and dairy products (such as cheese and yoghurt).
Oil and animal fats
  • Oil (olive oil and sunflower oil) and animal fats (such as butter and cream).
Fruits and veggies
  • Fruits (such as orange and pear) and veggies (such as artichoke and pepper).
Meat, fish and egg
  • Meat (poultry, beef, pork…), fish (hake, cod, gilt-head bream…) and eggs.
  • Sugary and pastry products (pain au chocolat, sweeties, chocolate…).





True/False questions

Answer the following questions:

Lettuce is a food group.

True. False.

There are four food groups: grain, meat, veggies and sugary drinks.

True. False.

Rice belongs to the grain group.

True. False.

Meat and fish are part of the same food group.

True. False.
iDevice icon Fill in the gaps

Read the text below and fill the gaps.

There are six major food groups:

  1. Grain and .
  2. and dairy products.
  3. and  fats.
  4. and veggies.
  5. Meat, and eggs.
  6. and pastry products.