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Welcome to the fabulous world of nutrition. It is said that a long time ago, while some 11 year old children were playing in the country, they found an old wooden box. It had been buried next to an old lonely elm, but, perhaps, due to the erosion caused by the rains, an end was sticking out. They started to unearth it and they saw some strange inscriptions on the cover; which seemed to belong to a forgotten language. “SANUS ESUS”, It was written. The children opened the box and found something that protected them from illnesses and made them stronger and smarter. I cannot tell you right now what there was exactly inside. I can, however, predict that once you have finished taking a look at all the pages, many of you – the most audacious and bravest – will be able to guess what there was inside.

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Educational multimedia material developed by Sergio Vidal Aliaga


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