Project rationale

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Our living habits – increasingly becoming more sedentary –, an unbalanced diet and the lack of exercise make society have higher obesity rates, specifically children. Paradoxically, there is a high amount of children that are undernourished in the world.

In Delikia –a company specialised in fresh food vending machines – we are trying to fight the problems mentioned before since that our machines offer a wide variety of fresh and varied products, instead of just factory-baked goods. Moreover, our products are individually packed in order to avoid wasting food. Besides, we cooperate with different associations – like San Francisco de Asís Reception Center – by sending them food periodically.

Nevertheless, we believe that it is important to educate society and raise its awareness of this aspect. That is why we are going to conduct a training action in schools during the fourth quarter of 2014. Once we get the results, we will campaign during the second quarter of 2015 in order to raise public awareness with more than a million visual impacts.