3.- Food guide pyramid

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As can be seen in the picture below, food guide pyramid is represented as a triangle, though it may be sometimes represented as a pyramid. Foods are arranged by the frequency of ingestion. Those which are supposed to be eaten most frequently are placed at the bottom, whereas those which are supposed to be eaten less frequently are on the top.

The frequency of ingestion depends on the kind of nutrient that predominates in different foods, considering that our body daily needs:

  • Between 1.5l and 2l of water.
  • A high quantity of carbohydrates that provides us with energy to think, run, play, walk...
  • A high quantity of vitamins and minerals to make the body work correctly.
  • A low quantity of proteins: children need it to grow, whereas adults need it to repair body tissues.
  • Apart from that, our body occasionally needs a low quantity of fats and sweets, since that the energy provided builds up in the body.


Food guide pyramid


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